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On Batman’s 80th anniversary, a Lover’s love letter to the Dark Knight

Last updated on September 23, 2019

Produced in 1939 by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, the personality has made his mark in not only comic books, but also films, tv shows, video games, and an assortment of different media.

Each pop-culture real estate, broadly speaking, goes through precisely the same development. An earnest take is followed closely with a grittier one, which in turn is accompanied by self-awareness, just to come whole circle and tap to the inherent purity and optimism of those characters.

We have seen this occur on several occasions, the latest being the DCEU, which later experimenting with shadow found victory in the energetic joy of Aquaman. The need of the hour isn’t for our superheroes to reflect the fact of the planet, however for them to become greater than it.

A Batman who murdered only is not Batman. It’s his sole code. As far as he likes to pretend he works within different shades of gray, he’s as black and white as they come. We may not agree with his morality – that he can, after all, use violence as a means to an end – but to him, he is just like a samurai using a rigorous code of ethics which he’s physically and emotionally incapable of breaking.

It’s the one thing which divides him by the madmen he’s committed his life to shoot (not killing) and placing behind bars. It’s the sole reason the cycle never stops. Solving problems by pulling out firearms and shooting them at the face is a true representation of our days, but can it be honorable? How do we, as a civilization, criticize the institutions that promote this violence, even if we revel in it?

Oddly enough, the very best depictions of the personality besides Nolan’s trilogy have spanned the breadth and length of each medium that could have him. It ends, as a lot of you may understand, sing a love song, sung with the Clown Prince of Crime because of his nemesis/life spouse.

These tales contested the notion of what superheroes might be, and what’s more, what supervillains may be. They were hardly normal, but they kept the spirit of the subjects and revealed them with no judgment.

We have bounced back in Batman & Robin, and also the character we all love has obtained on worse.