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On impeachment Question, Donald Trump States’Democrats Need to take away your Firearms’

President Donald Trump, the goal of an impeachment investigation over alleged misuse of power, cautioned fans that”our nation is at stake like never before.”

The movie posted on Twitter Saturday underscores the strain on the White House as Democratic lawmakers charge sharply in their analysis over accusations which Trump attempted to arm-twist the president into supplying dirt onto one of their chief 2020 election competitions, Joe Biden.

American rights have been jeopardized by Democrats,” Trump said, saying that they”wish to remove your firearms, they would like to remove your health care, they wish to take your vote away, they would like to remove your liberty.” “We can not let this happen,” he explained.

It is all very straightforward. They are trying to prevent me because I am fighting for you — and I will never let this happen.”

In following tweets, Trump continued his fees the impeachment evaluation is a”Witch Hunt,” and stated Democratic Party lawmaker Adam Schiff, who’s directing the impeachment probe, had defamed and libeled him and ought to resign from Congress.

Congressional committees carrying out the impeachment question have arranged Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to flip over Ukraine-related files and will run interviews beginning next week with five State Department officials.

They include former ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, whom Trump allegedly forced out earlier this season for resisting his attempts to stress Kyiv to stunt Biden.