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‘One digit Error’: Pupils dial suicide prevention Amount, get sex hotline

Officials by a California school district have been abandoned handed after pupils that dialed a suicide prevention hotline recorded in their ID badges rather stumbled upon a gender line.

“I was only kind of flabbergasted.

“Someone who wants help like they need don’t hear that sort of thing out of what they believed was going to assist them” the student has been quoted as telling a regional CBS affiliate.

“They ought to fact-check that type of thing”

The suicide prevention amount was in a directory of crisis outlines and other sources on the rear of badges for pupils in New Vista Middle School in Lancaster, a 90-minute driveway northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

But due to an error with only 1 digit, a sex hotline amount rather than the right suicide prevention amount was given to pupils.

“Late yesterday we had been made aware that the middle school student ID cards have the incorrect telephone number recorded for its suicide hotline,” that the Lancaster Unified School district said in a statement on Tuesday.

“The telephone numbers have two digits transposed and this can be a mistake. The amount recorded on the card is, ,a sex line.”

School officials said they’ve collected all of the previous badges and intended to issue new types — now with the proper number.