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One House Democrat goes at work opposing Trump impeachment

House Democrats hailing from conservative swing districts are all lining up to vote in favor of 2 posts of impeachment against President Donald Trump next week — except for a single congressman from New Jersey.

An NBC News poll of over 40 vulnerable House Democrats found just Rep. Jeff Van Drew, who represents the southern tip of this nation, intends to vote against the articles of impeachment.

“My subject is reddish — a fantastic chunk of it and they are anti-impeachment. And I have the purple component, and they’re more pro-impeachment. So no matter what you do,” he advised NBC News, “you are likely to dissuade people.”

The outspoken Van Drew — that had been profiled recently by focusing on his opposition to impeachment — was just among just two Democrats to vote against the House resolution in October that formalized the principles and process for its impeachment inquiry.

A spokesperson for Peterson told NBC News on Friday that he is undecided on how he will vote on the posts on the home floor, probably on Wednesday.

Even though Van Drew is the only definitive no, representatives of other Democrats from swing regions said they are still undecided.

Rep. Max Rose, a professional New York Democrat representing conservative Staten Island, said in a statement Friday that he’d vote yes on the two posts.

“Party and politics won’t ever come ahead of the nation I bled to shield –and would do this again,” that the Army veteran stated. “A President coercing a foreign government into targeting American citizens isn’t merely another illustration of scorched earth politics, but it functions as an invitation into the enemies of the United States to emerge following any taxpayer, provided that they disagree with the President. Embarking in an unprecedented attempt to block this query does not make the reality any less accurate. So I shall vote in support of both Articles of Impeachment.”