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Opera singers on sexual assault allegations Confronting Placido Domingo

Last updated on August 31, 2019

Accusations of sexual harassment from opera star Placido Domingo didn’t block the viewer at Salzburg Festival providing the Spaniard a standing ovation.

Eight singers and a single dancer have spoken out from the opera superstar, who denies the allegations.

“Although the alleged events reported failed to occur at San Francisco Opera, the provider is not able to exhibit the artist about the War Memorial Opera House point,” the former composed in a statement since it canceled a series.

Euronews talked to two opera singers who’ve worked with Domingo in addition to an opera student with expertise in the sector — their titles are changed because of their desire to stay anonymous.

She worked together with Domingo and met him two independently.

“He is a small womanizer, but he is funny, and it didn’t disturb me,” she informed Euronews.

“Domingo is similar to opera’s Michael Jackson — he is stronger than many others,” she explained.

‘He’s a gentleman.’

Emily*a professional opera singer as 2003, who’s worked at a London home since 2011, has been of another opinion, stating: “He is a gentleman.”

“He is a lovely guy. I had a wonderful talk with him about music, his ideas, and what he wishes to perform in America. He’s quite generous and extremely gifted.”

Emily said she had not had a negative encounter with Domingo or some other coworkers.

“I spoke to him backstage, in our workplace, but a professional manner. I speak to plenty of artists, a number of them are somewhat more demanding and more involved, but it is always 100 percent professional,” she informed Euronews.

“Some might have different obstacles for you, but generally speaking, they’re all very professional and respectful. Bear in mind; we’re utilized to more physical touch in this sector than in other professions.”

Someone must hold your hands, your arm or place their arms around you — those scenarios are trivial, but in different tasks, they aren’t,” she clarified.

Sarah* is an aspiring opera singer in her final year of coaching in a German college. She understands about unpleasant scenarios for singers and strikes.

‘Most of the moment brokers request your telephone number through auditions’

“Many in positions of power are bad-tempered, and also the way they respond when they’re refused is suspicious,” she explained. “A manager once told us you could deny nude scenes, but it doesn’t go down well.”

“Most of the time, brokers request your contact number through auditions, and it is difficult to deny important supervisors, particularly foreigners.”

MeToo reaches on the opera world

The hashtag #MeToo stems out of a 2018 effort by celebrity Alyssa Milano where she invited women to discuss their experiences of sexual abuse or harassment.

Just now has the motion spilled over to the opera world.

Many wouldn’t dare say anything due to the aggressive nature of the company, based on Sarah.

“Regrettably there are too many soloists without a marriage to get them, and that I believe there are quite a few people who don’t dare to talk,” she explained.

The reason? Several have no contract, working as salespeople they require the favor of agents and supervisors.

She considers that at the opera sector, it’s even more robust than other comparable industries because characters are gendered. “You can’t provide a guy’s role to a girl or vice versa,” she clarified.

I am happy that girls are coming forward, they would like to get heard and noticed, and I am convinced that this is something (sexual harassment) that continues. However, I don’t have any experience with this,” explained Emily.

‘I think the cartoon world is saddened to determine such allegations have been created.’

Even though US opera houses declared his displays, many Spanish champions have openly sided with Domingo and that he been warmly received in Hungary in addition to Austria.

“I think he’s a straightforward man,” said Emily. “When it ends up that there’s overwhelming evidence to back up the allegations, it is a true shame.”

“He’s been a significant part the opera world for many years, and is much admired and adored by most, and that I feel that the opera world is saddened to observe these allegations are made.”

“Until there’s been a suitable trial, he ought to be able to keep his career and his lifetime,” she added.

“It is detrimental to him and his profession, and I encourage the European homes that encourage him.”

Emily still believes discussions about sexual harassment from the opera sector to be purposeful and essential, adding that they’ll help to modify the surroundings for the better.

For Sarah, the argument also reveals that the imbalance in sex distribution among supervisors in the opera world. She hopes that this will change later on by opening up a conversation about the situation.

What’s Domingo stated?

I thought that all my interactions and connections had always been welcomed and consensual.