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Over 100 Islamic State Offenders have escaped Syria, says US envoy

Last updated on October 25, 2019

Over a hundred inmates of the Islamic State extremist motion have escaped Syria from the chaos because Turkey’s incursion, ” a senior US official said Wednesday.

“We’d say the amount is now over 100.

Turkey established a military operation in Syria following President Donald Trump consented to pull US troops that were allied together with the Allied Army ministry, the Kurdish-led team that bore the brunt of the struggle from the Islamic State team.

Jeffrey explained that the Kurdish fighters were guarding offenders against the extremist group, despite their warnings they need to devote funds to combat Turkey instead.

“Almost everyone the prisons the SDF were safeguarding are still procured.

“We’re tracking that as best we could. We have people in Syria working together with the SDF and among these priorities is these prisons,” he explained.

The Kurdish fighters have pulled from a vital boundary area as a portion of a US-brokered arrangement with Turkey to finish the offensive.

Turkey joins the Syrian Kurdish fighters into PKK separatists in the home, that is regarded as a terrorist group by the USA and the European Union.