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Over 1,000 European MPs call for Israel annexation to be Stopped and warn of’consequences’

Over 1,000 European parliamentarians from across political lines ardently compared Israel’s plan to annex parts of the West Bank in a letter printed on Wednesday.

The lawmakers state”serious concerns” about the US strategy to terminate the Israel-Palestinian battle which would enable Israel to annex 30 percent of the West Bank land.

“We’re profoundly concerned about the precedent this could set for global connections at large,” the letter says, warning of the”commensurate consequences” such a move could ignite.

“We are profoundly concerned about the effect of annexation on the lives of Israelis and Palestinians, in addition to its destabilizing possible in a region on the continent’s doorstep.

“Europe has to take the lead in attracting global actors with each other to reduce annexation and to protect the prospects of this two-state alternative and a just settlement to this conflict,” it adds.

The letter, signed by 1,080 European parliamentarians in 25 states, has been initiated by four prominent Israeli figures, such as Avraham Burg, a former Speaker of the Knesset, and Michael Ben-Yair, a former Attorney General of Israel.

They assert the Vision for Peace program introduced by the US government of President Donald Trump” departs from globally agreed parameters and fundamentals”.

“It boosts efficiently permanent Israeli control on a fragmented Palestinian territory, leaving Palestinians with no sovereignty and providing a green light to Israel to unilaterally annex substantial areas of the West Bank,” they moved on.

Trump’s peace strategy was greatly criticized to be too Israel-friendly — that the Palestinian Authority boycotted the discussions.

Under the strategy, a future Palestinian state could be smaller than previously envisioned with various components disconnected from one another. Additionally, it narrows the definition of exactly what represents a”Palestinian refugee” — thereby reducing accessibility to help — and pubs a future Palestinian nation from having safety forces.

The letter’s signatories noted that the EU’s top diplomat, Josep Borrell, has stated that Israeli annexation of West Bank land”couldn’t pass unchallenged” and cautioned that”failure to satisfactorily respond would encourage additional nations with territorial claims to dismiss basic principles of global law”.

Their appeal comes a day after over 100 EU and Israeli lawmakers sent a letter to Borrell urging him to”revive the job of their EU-Israel Association Council and restart its actions with regular meetings whenever possible”.

The council hasn’t met since 2012 because of disagreements within the peace procedure.