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Over 130 Arrested after protests against coronavirus Constraints in Germany

Authorities in Germany say heaps of people were arrested following protests from the pandemic limitations following some rallies turned violent on Saturday.

Berlin authorities said 86 individuals were arrested after bottles were thrown at officers during a presentation in Alexanderplatz, a large central square in former East Berlin.

1 officer was hurt, and yet another was hurt in another incident in the front of the Reichstag building where 45 people were arrested.

In the western town of Dortmund, authorities said a man assaulted a TV team in a demonstration — the third such attack in Germany in the previous two weeks. A 23-year-old man was detained.

Authorities in nearby Cologne expressed outrage that several protesters from town urged shoppers to remove their masks when entering stores.

“It feels like these folks still have not understood that it is not just about their health but also the lives of the others,” Cologne’s police chief said.

Regardless of the gradual easing of Germany’s outbreak constraints lately, protests against them have prevailed, bringing together far-right groups, C-list actors, and individuals who think the virus is benign or a part of a worldwide conspiracy.

Vegan influencer Attila Hildmann and artist Xavier Naidoo are a couple of many who’ve been spreading conspiracy theories in Germany.

Hildmann had composed on his Facebook webpage which Germany will abandon that covert forces will put in”a new world order” Hildmann stated he will shortly be moving”underground”

Meanwhile, Xavier Naidoo, who’d been criticized for racist social networking articles has voiced his doubts on the presence of this coronavirus, demanding evidence for this. The movie in question was uploaded into the”Xavier Naidoo (offiziell)” Telegram group and reveals the musician speaking into a camera in his car.