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Over 300 schoolboys kidnapped in Nigeria have been freed, says Nation governor

Over 300 schoolboys abducted a week by armed men in northwest Nigeria have been published, local police said Thursday.

Aminu Bello Masari, the Katsina State Governor, made the statement on Nigerian nation TV, NTA, by his workplace.

“In the second 344 of the pupils are published and handed over to the security operatives. I believe we could say at least we’ve regained almost all of the boys, even if not all of them,” he explained.

Arrangements have been made to transfer them to Katsina, he added.

“The information hitting about one hour past suggests that most of them have been recovered and they’re on their way by the woods area to Katsina. We can get them clinically tested and then agreements will be on the best way to reunite with their own families,” he explained.

Countless escaped and it was thought there were over 330 stayings in captivity.

He said the authorities will probably be”working together with law enforcement and to participate in private security companies to protect schools” to protect against the”dreadful experience of the previous six weeks”.

The news of this launch of these schoolboys comes soon after a movie was released by the jihadist rebels of Boko Haram that supposedly reveals the abducted boys.

In the over six-minute movie observed on Thursday by Associated Press journalists, the obvious captors told you, boy, to replicate their demands that the government calls off its hunt for them by aircraft and troops.

The movie circulated broadly on WhatsApp and appeared on a Nigerian news website, HumAngle, which frequently reports Boko Haram.

The authorities had said it had been negotiating with the Turks.

Thousands are killed and over 1 million are displaced by the violence.

Boko Haram has been largely busy in northeast Nigeria, but with all the abductions in the faculty from Katsina State, there’s stress the insurgency is growing into the shore.

Friday’s abduction is a terrifying reminder of Boko Haram’s attacks on colleges.

Back in April 2014, Boko Haram kidnapped over 270 schoolgirls in the government boarding school in Chibok in northeastern Borno State. About 100 of these women are still lacking.

In 2018, Boko Haram Islamic extremists brought back almost all the 110 women they’d kidnapped from a boarding school in Dapchi and cautioned: “Do not ever put your brothers in college again”.

After Friday’s abduction, Katsina State closed down all of its boarding schools to stop other abductions. The neighboring countries of Zamfara, Jigiwa, and Kano have closed schools as a precaution.

Armed bandits have killed over 1,100 people because of the start of the year at Nigeria’s northwest, according to Amnesty International.