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Pak military Keeps’dominant influence’ Through Imran Khan’s tenure: US report

The army, which was participated in three”blatant seizures” of electricity from civilian-led authorities, had colluded with the nation’s judiciary to overthrow the Pakistan Muslim League government headed by Sharif, it stated.

“Many analysts assert that Pakistan’s security agencies covertly manipulated the nation’s national politics during the election using a fundamental purpose of (again) eliminating Nawaz Sharif from electricity and weakening his eponymous party,” it stated.

“Many analysts visit Pakistan’s military institution continuing to keep dominant influence over security and foreign policies,” it added.

The CRS conducts analysis and research to the US Congress to a wide assortment of federal policy problems. Its reports are often employed by US lawmakers to make an educated choice and aren’t regarded as official reports of their Congress.

The report claimed that the involvement of little parties linked to banned terrorist groups contains embolden terrorists from the nation.

“Election observers and human rights groups issued statements pointing to occasionally’acute’ abuses of democratic standards, along with the unprecedented involvement of little parties with links to banned Islamist terrorist groups have been viewed to embolden militants (Islamist parties won a combined 10 percent of the national election in 2018),” the report added.