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Pak PM Imran Khan, OIC criticise India up treatment from Muslims

Pakistan’s top leadership and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Sunday criticized what they described as the deliberate targeting of Muslims from the Indian government against the background of this COVID-19 pandemic.

Prime Minister Imran Khan followed on tweets from the Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission of the OIC about the Problem and compared the Indian government’s treatment of Muslims to exactly what the Nazis did to the Jews in Germany.

At a tweet, President Arif Alvi, a close aide of Khan, accused the Indian government of controlling the Kashmiri people through”intense violence, torture, and oppression”. He published a picture with figures that supposed to prove that the proportion of soldiers to civilians in Kashmir was greater than the ratios for the number of ventilators and doctors.

There was no immediate reaction from Indian officials into the opinions by the Pakistani leadership.

Recently, Khan has criticized the Indian government’s attitude to the nation’s Muslim minority as well as the external affairs ministry has pushed against his opinions, describing them as interference in India’s internal affairs.

Khan tweeted: “The willful & savage targeting of Muslims in India by Modi Govt to divert the backlash within its COVID19 policy, that has left tens of thousands stranded & starving, is comparable to what Nazis did to Jews in Germany.”

Months before, the OIC’s Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission had, at a series of tweets, condemned what it called the”unrelenting vicious Islamophobic effort in India maligning Muslims for the spread of #COVID-19 and their adverse profiling in media alerting them to violence & discrimination with impunity”.

It urged that the”Indian authorities to take urgent actions to prevent the growing wave of #Islamophobia from the nation and safeguard the rights of its own persecuted Muslim minority according to its duties under [global human rights] legislation”.

The commission is a professional body of the OIC with advisory capacity.

India’s foreign ministry has been invited as a special guest in a meeting of foreign ministers of OIC countries in the UAE this past year, signaling a high point in New Delhi’s often testy relations with the Islamic category.

Nonetheless, in recent weeks, the OIC has repeatedly criticized the Indian government’s handling of this problem in Kashmir and attacks on Muslims.