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Pak scrambles to Monitor Tablighi Jamaat followers Following Covid-19 cases rise

Last updated on April 19, 2020

Since the head of this Faisalabad chapter of the Tablighi Jamaat expired of coronavirus on Friday, the Pakistan government has stated it’s still attempting to isolate and trace tens of thousands of members of their organization that attended a spiritual gathering on the outskirts of Lahore at mid-March.

This campaign comes at a time when the Pakistan authorities and religious associations, such as the Tablighi Jamaat, are in discussions over holding congregational prayers during the holy month of Ramazan that begins in about a week.

There’s confusion over the Imran Khan authorities about the best way best to proceed. While Prime Minister Khan hasn’t spoken his thoughts nevertheless, his cabinet colleagues are divided on the matter.

While de-facto health minister Dr. Zafar Mirza has pushed to the continuing limitations on congregation prayers to last, senior ministry Shaikh Rasheed told the press on Saturday that he wasn’t in favor of such a ban.

It’s this confusion, state observers, which will push the numbers of those infected by the Sars-CoV-2 virus at the days to come. With over 7,600 confirmed deaths and cases nearing 150 count, specialists have cautioned that amounts will balloon in days ahead of time.

A significant part of the spread has been played with the members of this Tablighi-Jamaat.

Police officers say that roughly 100,000 people attended the Raiwind Ijtema, which can be a yearly event, in a time once the coronavirus crisis was brewing. The Jamaat quotes over 200,000 attended the team.

Approximately half of them are now quarantined in Pakistan, others left the nation without being analyzed.

Overall, roughly 7,000 followers are quarantined in Lahore, while around Punjab 10,263 quarantined of that 539 have tested positive for the virus up to now. Nearly 600 members are quarantined in Raiwind itself. In Sindh province around 8,000 Tablighis happen to be quarantined.

Local media quoted caregivers in Punjab as stating that the coronavirus instances are climbing in Punjab due to their carelessness’ of the Tableeghi Jamaat members that continue fulfilling the public for part of the preaching following their return into the regions they belonged to.

Looking back, many have questioned the authorities permitted the gathering to occur at the first location. 1 reason for this might be the comfy relationship appreciated by the Tablighi Jamaat and the Pakistani establishment.

The Jamaat has a large following inside the Pakistan armed forces. Quite a few Generals happen to be members of the Jamaat. Many retired and serving officials attend the gathering every year. Given such sway, it’s hard, state observers, to challenge the Jamaat’s decisions.

Some insist that the shift would need to come from inside the Jamaat. Among the primary characters of the Jamaat, Maulana Tariq Jamil, is known as a mentor by prime minister Imran Khan. The prime minister has repeatedly turned into the cleric for advice on religious problems.

Following the Lahore occasion, Tariq Jamil gave a speech where he explained: “God chooses who is infected and who’s not, and God will save us”

However, Jamil and many others continue to resist calls for limitations on congregational prayers. In reality, some dread that Jamaat fans would resort to violence when compelled to steer clear of mosques. At the Punjab town of Layyah, a member stabbed a police officer while attempting to escape out of a Tablighi Jamaat center as quarantining steps were enforced.

Negotiations have attracted some results too. Last week, Tablighi Jamaat hens sent a letter out into the movement’s followers teaching them to prevent their door-to-door visits rather than to congregate.

Maybe if the situation deteriorates, the military leadership will once more need to step in to allow sanity to prevail, say a few.