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Paris Authorities killer followed Extreme vision of Islam before Assault, says anti-terror prosecutor

The guy who murdered four people in the Paris police officer followed a radical vision of Islam before the assault, the French anti-terrorism prosecutor said on Saturday.

The offender was shot dead by police in the scene on Thursday.

In the weeks leading up to the assault, he had embraced an increasingly radicalized behavior, the prosecutor stated, justifying the terror strikes on Charlie Hebdo paper that left 12 dead in Paris in 2015, trading his garments for conventional spiritual ones and quitting to get contact with girls.

Just 30 minutes before he knifed three police officers and one administrative assistant to death in their own offices, he also sent text messages such as the words”Allahu akbar,”” prosecutor Jean-Francois Ricard stated.

Named as Michael H., 45, the attacker functioned as an administrative assistant in the intelligence section of the Paris police officer, where he was used since 2003.

The prosecutor explained a”scene of intense violence.” In his murdering spree, which lasted seven minutes involving 12:53 and 13:00 CEST, Michael H. entered his office of the police officer, mortally wounding two police officers that had been having lunch, then hoping to input another office where others were on a break but couldn’t go beyond the door. Then he attacked another worker, who died of her injuries, and injured another before he had been halted by a 24-year-old intern, who took him.

He utilized two knives, one of these an oyster knife he had purchased on the afternoon of the assault.

His spouse, 38, stays in custody, ” the prosecutor said.