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Paris prosecutor launches Evaluation of France’s Direction of COVID-19 Emergency

An investigation was opened to how France managed this COVID-19 pandemic, following dozens of complaints from labor unions and people, Paris’s main prosecutor said in an announcement on Tuesday.

Remy Heitz said potential charges comprise undermining the lives of many others, involuntary homicide, failure to help those at risk, and voluntarily abstaining from battling a hazard.

However, he said the probe wouldn’t”assign administrative or political blame” but could”detect potential criminal offenses” by federal decision-makers.

By French law, President Emmanuel Macron will have immunity against the prosecution and can’t be held liable.

Government ministers could be held accountable but only from the Republican Court of Justice, that has received dozens of complaints, based on Heitz.

The prosecutor’s office has received over 60 complaints, including alleged failures to execute anti-virus protections in offices and mass testing.

The analysis won’t contain complaints regarding the handling of coronavirus in elderly care homes, which can be independently owned.

Over 29,000 people have died in France from COVID-19, that’s the third greatest death toll In Europe.

“If there’s criminal wrongdoing, it will likely happen to be it’s a theory – unintentional,” Heitz said.