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‘Parthenon of All shipwrecks’: Greece opens its Original underwater museum

Greece opened its submerged museum on Saturday, providing members of the public the opportunity to scuba dive into the wreck of a historical boat that sank in the 5th century BC.

The boat was carrying a few 3,000-4,000 amphoras, early storage apparatus that in this instance were used to transport wine.

The website, situated close to the islet of Peristera from the island of Alonissos, will soon be open to diving fans from 3 August to 3 October, while non-diving tourists are going to have the ability to have a virtual tour with an information center in Alonissos.

“This mess lies at a depth of 21-28 meters close to the shore of the island of Peristera and comprises 3,000 to 4,000 amphorae,” Maria Agalou, president of this Alonissos city council, advised the Skai TV station.

“The amphoras show the size of this ancient boat. It was a huge boat,” she added.

The amphoras, the majority of which are undamaged, were found in 1985 with a fisherman.

“We provide humankind the Parthenon of all shipwrecks,” said Kostas Agorastos, governor of Thessaly, the area where the island of Alonissos is situated, based on Skai TV.

This big merchant ship is thought to have shrunk around 425 BC as a result of poor weather throughout a crossing between Chalkidiki, in northern Greece, along with also the island of Skopelos, Ert Pari Kalamata, manager of the Department of Underwater Antiquities, told the television station Ert Pari Kalamata.

The Greek government intends to create four other early shipwreck websites accessible to scuba-diving tourists.