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‘People are Placing too much Strain on the environment,’ says new UN report’s Writer

A new report from the United Nations warns additional human growth will need us working with rather than contrary to nature.

From the 2020 Human Development Report, researchers reasoned that unless world leaders make the ideal choices today, humanity will face a future of numerous disasters – reversing gains made in recent years in health, education, social liberty, and combating poverty.

Talking to Euronews, Pedro Conceição, Director in the Human Development Report Office and lead writer of the report,” stated humankind is entering a new stage where individuals are placing too much strain on the environment.

“We all know that we’ve been degrading the environment for a very long time… We’re now facing something unprecedented in our history and the history of Earth,” he explained.

“The stresses we’re placing on Earth are coping with planetary procedures – that the climate is a good illustration, biodiversity losses is another.

“Perhaps the COVID-19 pandemic is only a sort of risk we’re very likely to face [again later on ].”