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‘People Won’t Ever migrate into other planets,”’ says Nobel prize winner Michel Mayor

People won’t ever migrate into a world outside Earth’s solar system since it would take much too much time to get there, Swiss Nobel laureate Michel Mayor stated Wednesday.

Mayor along with his colleague Didier Queloz were on Tuesday granted the Nobel Prize for Physics for their study refining practices to discover so-called exoplanets.

“If we’re discussing exoplanets, matters ought to be apparent: we won’t migrate,” Mayor informed AFP near Madrid on the sidelines of a conference when asked about the possibility of people going into other planets.

In the very optimistic instance of a livable planet which isn’t too much, say a couple of dozen light-years, which isn’t a lot, it is in the area, the opportunity to go there’s ample,” he added.

“We are talking about tens of thousands of millions of times using the ways we have available now. We have to look after our world, it’s extremely beautiful and liveable.”

The 77-year-old stated he felt the necessity to”kill all of the statements which say’OK, we’ll visit a liveable world if a single day life isn’t possible on the planet’.”

“It is completely insane,” he added.

Mayor was a professor at Geneva University and Queloz was his doctoral pupil when they made the discovery that began a revolution. Since that time over 4,000 exoplanets are observed within our homeworld.

“It was a really old question that was debated by philosophers: ‘ are there any other worlds in the Universe?

“We search for planets that are the nearest (to us), which might resemble Earth. With my colleague, we began that this hunt for planets, we revealed it had been possible to examine them.”

Mayor stated it was up into this”next generation” to answer the question of if there’s life on other planets.

“We do not understand! The only means to do it would be to develop techniques that would enable us to discover life in space,” he explained.