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Picture of’ Dutch’jailbird’ Arouses social media storm

An image of a little parrot” locked up” at a Dutch authorities mobile is giving new significance to jailbird — and on Monday drawn a flurry of chirpy remarks on social networking.

When authorities arrested the bird owner on suspicion of shoplifting from the central Dutch city of Utrecht on Thursday, they discovered that the tiny bird nestled about the defendant’s shoulder.

Local law enforcement didn’t have a birdcage available while processing the guy. Therefore the feathered felon was immediately placed in a Dutch authorities mobile using a sandwich and water.

Police posted the image of this bird on Instagram.

“Throughout the arrest, we discovered a key witness with a beak about the defendant’s shoulder,” police said.

“We realised into our shock we didn’t have a birdcage or cell,” the authorities said, including that the tiny monster was”well cared for.”

However, as in certain criminal cases, there was confusion within the winged defendant’s identity. Police called it a parakeet, but a lot of men and women who watched the film say it is a dwarf parrot.

The film was soon picked up and has since triggered a wave of pithy opinions on social networking.

These included remarks that the bird”will not sing like a canary” and has been”denied bail because he is a flight risk.”

Some have offered the parrot legal aid if it is hauled before a court of law enforcement.

Police released the defendant the same day along with his pet immediately took up standing on his shoulder, RTV Utrecht reported.

“The bird is known as upon its best to stay quiet,” the channel quoted authorities as saying.