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‘Poison is part of Putin’s policy,”’ says Alexei Navalny Partner

Alexei Navalny’s partner and Moscow town councilor Konstantin Jankauskas have ignored the claims coming from Russia there wasn’t any toxin found in Navalny’s blood. Talking to Euronews, he explained”toxin a part of Putin’s policy”

Doctors treating Russian resistance leader Alexei Navalny in a hospital at Siberia say he is too sick to be taken from the nation.

Supporters of the Kremlin politician had arranged for a plane to fly to Germany but the medical staff in Omsk states his condition is shaky.

“The challenge is your physician – the mind of the hospital – isn’t merely a physician. And we believe this is much more about politics than health on Alexei,” Jankauskas informed Euronews.

Navalny is allegedly in a coma after falling ill during a trip to Moscow. Protesters gathered in many cities around Russia on Thursday – a few knowingly accusing President Putin of being behind the attack.

Doctors in the Omsk hospital said on Friday they still haven’t discovered any trace of toxin Navalny’s system, a claim Jankauskas disputes.

“I frankly believe they’re lying. I believe Putin and his press secretary are lying to [the] Russian individuals and they ought to leave Alexei and assist move him to Europe because he can perish,” he states.

“He [Navalny] is [being] maintained de facto as a captive for many days to conceal with which toxin he had been poisoned so the toxin will come out of his bloodstream and the investigation will not find anything.

“So, it is not about the wellbeing of Mr. Navalny but it’s all about the politics, to conceal the way that he had been poisoned.”

Navalny was among President Putin’s staunchest critics for many years, having made a name for themself exposing corruption in Russia.

It’s likewise not the initially suspected poisoning assault on a Kremlin critic.

In 2019, throughout a 30-day prison sentence for instigating unauthorized protests, Navalny maintained he was poisoned with a compound agent in custody after he had been taken sick.

“Poison is a procedure of politics in Russia,” states Jankauskas. “Poison is part of Putin’s policy, sadly.”