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Poland braces for more anti-government protests over abortion Legislation

Poland was bracing for the 16th day of anti-government above a court judgment that tightened the nation’s already strict limitations on abortion.

On Friday night, authorities faced off having a couple of hundred protesters in downtown Warsaw, with all officials and trucks to stop demonstrators from congregating and cautioning the collecting had been in breach of constraints imposed to block the spread of the coronavirus.

With loudspeakers, they cautioned demonstrators that violation of these constraints could cause custodial sentences, AP reported.

It’s not the first time which demonstrators are targeted because protests began almost 3 months ago, with authorities taking names and checking identity documents during previous actions.

Even the protests, by mostly young people requiring greater rights for girls and the conservative government’s resignation, were triggered by an Oct.22 judgment by a leading court that prohibited abortions of fetuses with congenital defects.

It didn’t change provisions that allow abortions when pregnancy threatens the woman’s heath or consequences from rape or incest.