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Poland LGBT Branches: MPs Neglect rainbow Colors in stunt in President Duda’s swearing-in Service

Polish MPs flew the rainbow colors of this LGBTQ+ flag in protest during President Andrzej Duda’s swearing-in.

Elected agents — such as members of their liberal Razem celebration — have been pictured wearing vivid colors and rainbow masks beyond the service in Warsaw.

Some held up copies of the constitution to indicate their view that the president has violated the nation’s legal protections.

During the month’s election campaign, President Duda — an ally of the ruling conservative Law and Justice party — stated that the marketing of LGBT rights was an ideology much more detrimental than communism.

He had been re-elected as Poland’s president for another five-year sentence, winning 51 percent of the vote in a tight struggle with Warsaw mayor RafaƂ Trzaskowski.

Members of this Law and Justice party were seen chanting their support for the president Thursday beyond the lower house of parliament.

However, some opposition MPs and former presidents didn’t turn up to the service, held throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many cities in Poland have recently announced themselves”LGBT-free” amid a backlash in the European Union.

On Wednesday, Warsaw police affirmed a third individual was detained for hanging rainbow flags on spiritual monuments, including the statue of Christ in the Basilica of the Holy Cross.

Poland’s prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, explained it on Facebook as”an act of vandalism” which was aimed at breaking society.

Law and Justice party’s policies also have placed Poland at odds with the EU within the principle of law and democracy in the nation.

In his swearing-in, President Duda pledged to keep open to all classes and political parties, while also stressing the necessity to guard the household in Polish society.

Duda added that the large turnout of 65 percent in the month’s election was an indication that Poland’s powerful democracy.

His effort competition, Trzaskowski, didn’t attend the service on Thursday.