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Police Set Conclusion to march against coronavirus Constraints in Munich

Authorities in Munich called a stop to a march from Germany’s coronavirus limitations on Saturday after a lot of participants showed up, with nearly none of them sporting a mask.

The authorities had tried to prohibit the march but a town court let it proceed with a limitation of 1,000 participants.

Police estimated that approximately 3,000 turned out.

“I’m against those anti-coronavirus steps because virologists aren’t listened to and there’s quite biased media policy,” among the protesters,” Uwe Schnetter, stated.

“We no longer possess fundamental legislation but a law which shields from illnesses, and under this law, our basic freedoms have been taken away from us” another protester, Eva, stated.

Rallies were also held in other German cities in addition to Poland’s capital, Warsaw.

Protesters carried signs with slogans such as”The propaganda insect” and”We won’t permit another lockdown!”

Then they marched to the headquarters of state television, accusing it of false reporting about the coronavirus pandemic.