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Polish MPs vote to Postpone Contentious abortion and sex education bills

Polish MPs have now voted to postpone two statements which if accepted would have further limited access to abortion and prohibit sex education.

Pro-choice campaigners hailed the decision, which will observe both contentious pieces of legislation sent back to the committee stage.

Human rights activists have resisted the”retrogressive” invoices and especially their time, pointing out that because of this coronavirus lockdown campaigners weren’t able to collect to protest the legislation.

“The ultra-conservative ruling party is using this massive hardship faced by people to keep its relentless series of attacks on girls and young people’s wellbeing and safety,” said the International Planned Parenthood base in an announcement.

Poland has stringent abortion laws that simply permit termination of pregnancy in cases of rape, incest or when the health of the infant or mom is compromised. The law could have successfully resisted abortions.

The next law could have criminalized novelty education.

“While it’s shameful that parliamentarians didn’t deny both of these retrogressive proposals, the current vote is a testament to the energy of demonstration, even and particularly, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic,” explained Draginja Nadazdin, the Director of Amnesty International Poland at a statement.