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Pompeo condemns Turkey over’unacceptable’ gas drilling in Cypriot Oceans

It comes following Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who advocated the United States to use its influence to defuse tensions in the eastern Mediterranean.

Relations between Cyprus and Turkey have been strained because of a dispute over foreign rights. Back in July, Ankara delivered a boat, Yavuz, to drill near the Cypriot coast within a place which had been licensed for the French firm, TOTAL, and Italian firm, ENI, for example drilling. It was the 2nd Turkish boat to drill near Cyprus.

Pompeo talked about”principles” regulating energy mining from the Mediterranean Sea.

“We have told the Turks that prohibited drilling is improper, and we will continue to take diplomatic activities to make sure that legal action occurs,” he explained. “No nation can hold Europe hostage.”

Pompeo was in Greece to revive an upgraded defense cooperation pact between Washington and Athens. The deal allows for a stronger US military presence in northern and central Greece, and its renewal is regarded as an indication of their continuing US interest in the Balkans and the eastern Mediterranean.

But, his trip was met by protests from Greek leftist parties miserable about the pact. There have been minor scuffles between protesters and authorities.