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Pope France adds 13 Like-minded cardinals to Catholic hierarchy

Pope Francis has added 13 new cardinals to the peak of this Catholic hierarchy, telling them that they have to show God’s compassion to those who have been loyal to their ministry.

With Saturday’s consistory, Francis will have termed 52 percent of their voting-age cardinals. Many hail from churches in the world, an indication of Francis’ want to mirror the face of the Catholic Church in its leadership positions.

“If I do not believe it, how do I discuss it, bear witness to it, bestow it on other people?” He requested in his homily. “So many disloyal activities on the part of ecclesiastics are due to the absence of a feeling of being demonstrated empathy, and from the custom of preventing the gaze, the practice of indifference.”

The consistory comes in a fraught period in Francis’ six-year papacy. The opposition is mounting one of conservative Catholics who disapprove of his focus on the environment, migrants, and other difficulties instead of the doctrinaire attention of the predecessor Pope Benedict XVI.

Francis has confessed criticism from the U.S. church but revealed no indication that such conservative outrage is hampering his schedule.

A Canadian priest raised Saturday, Cardinal Michael Czerny, stated he believes the criticism is coming out of a little fringe with vested interests in creating the Amazon and chasing different priorities incompatible with the pope’s vision.

“He is meeting with a few loud oppositions. I don’t think that it’s so much,” Czerny told The Associated Press before the consistory. “I think that it’s loud.”