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Pope Francis gives Milestone endorsement of same-sex unions

Pope Francis became the first pontiff to support same-sex unions on Wednesday, sparking cheers from homosexual Catholics and needs clarification from conservatives awarded the Vatican’s official instruction on the problem.

The papal thumbs-up to same-sex unions came midway through the feature-length documentary’ Francesco’ which had its debut screening in the Rome Film Festival on Wednesday.

The movie, including new interviews with the pontiff, looks at the problems that mean the most to Pope Francis, for example, environment, poverty, migration, racial and income inequality, and also the individuals most affected by discrimination.

“Homosexual individuals have the right to maintain a household. They’re children of God,” Francis said in among his sit-down interviews to the movie. “What we need to have is a civil marriage law; this manner they’re legally insured.”

“From the circumstance where there’s a lot of polarisation and scapegoating of LGBTI individuals, frequently endorsed and stoked by spiritual leaders, Pope Francis’ announcement on same-sex marriages is to be welcomed and must be carefully listened to,” the organization stated on Twitter. “We will track carefully to determine how much the announcement is going to be picked up from the churches and also will result in actual change for LGBTI individuals and their families”

“The pope’s talking positively about civil marriages also sends a powerful message to areas where the church has opposed such legislation,” Martin said in a statement.

“The pope’s statement certainly articulates what’s become the longstanding instruction of this church about same-sex marriages,” he explained in a statement. “The church can’t encourage the approval of immoral relationships”

Catholic teaching holds that gays have to be treated with respect and dignity but homosexual acts are”intrinsically disordered.” A 2003 document from the Vatican’s philosophy office said the church’s admiration for gays”can’t lead to anyway to the approval of homosexual behavior or legal recognition of gay unions.”

Doing this, the Vatican concluded, would not just condone”deviant behavior,” but make an equivalence to marriage, which the church retains is an indissoluble marriage between man and woman.

While serving as archbishop of Buenos Aires, Francis supported civil unions for homosexual couples instead of same-sex unions. But he had never come out openly in favor of civil unions as pope.

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