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Pope Francis to Contemplate allowing married priests at Amazon

Pope Francis was requested to look at allowing married men to become ordained in distant areas of South America, hard that the Catholic church’s long-held perspectives on celibacy for its priests.

A meeting of Roman Catholic bishops in the Amazon region of South America has called for the modifications due to a serious shortage of priests.

“I want to underline something: we haven’t yet realized what girls mean to the Church,” Francis told the synod.

“We speak about them in regards to the operational part, which can be vital, but the use of women in the Church goes much beyond performance.”

At least 85 percent of Amazon villages can’t attend Mass each week and a few have been unable to do this for several years.

The matter of a married priesthood for the Amazon area was undoubtedly the most controversial item within a 120-paragraph closing record.

The proposition calls for married guys that are currently deacons in the Church, have a stable family relationship and are recognized leaders in their own communities to become ordained as priests.

Critics oppose the change, fearing it could be a slippery slope leading to a married priesthood during the 1.3 billion-member church.

They fear that when a single portion of this church has been permitted to ordain married men within an exclusion, there could be nothing to prevent different regions with a lack of priests after suit.