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Pope’s bodyguard resigns over new Monetary Flows scanda

The Vatican’s newest leaks scandal claimed its first victim Monday, as Pope Francis’ main bodyguard resigned over the flow of a Vatican authorities flyer identifying five workers who had been suspended as a member of a financial evaluation.

Giani, a 20-year veteran of the Vatican’s security solutions, has burst by Francis’ side-by-side along with his popemobile throughout countless public appearances and overseas excursions.

The deal — which allegedly led to a reduction to the Holy See of thousands of millions — has raised concerns regarding the Vatican’s massive financing and inadequate investment choices throughout Benedict’s papacy. Lately, Francis ordered price cuts to ease a structural shortage estimated at 70 million euros.

However, the raids and relevant suspensions, seemingly launched because of more recent attempts to regain some of their missing cash, were highly uncommon for the Vatican and ignited new speculation regarding its Machiavellian turf conflicts, power struggles, and score-settling.

In this example, officials have spoken publicly of a financial crisis, especially over the raid on the financial intelligence unit called the Financial Information Authority. The office shares fiscal information with sockets in dozens of nations as part of international efforts to crack down on money laundering, tax evasion, and terrorist funding.

National financial intelligence units may be reluctant to share sensitive data with the Holy See if raids have been implemented without adequate cause.

So far, the Vatican has not said exactly what, if any, signs it’s of this bureau’s wrongdoing.

Giani’s Oct. 2 flyer has been sent to each of Swiss Guards and members of the Vatican gendarmes police force within an inner directive barring entry into the Vatican from the five workers, who had been suspended from their jobs because of precaution. Featuring the workers’ photos, titles and job titles, the directive resembled a wanted poster, although not one of the five has been put under investigation.

L’Espresso and its everyday newspaper, La Repubblica, printed the directive and it had been widely redistributed online.

In a statement declaring Giani’s death, the Vatican reported the book of this record greatly violated the workers’ dignity in addition to the picture of the Vatican gendarmes. Giani himself stated he had been humiliated from the book also that he felt for the five workers.

“Having always said I would be ready to forfeit my life to defend the pope, I decided to resign with the identical soul, and also do not in any way damage the image and actions of this pope,” he told Vatican media.

Francis fulfilled with Giani lately and thanked him for his support, professionalism and openness to step aside as”an expression of liberty and systemic sensitivity,” the Vatican said.

Giani combined the Vatican police force as the deputy police chief in 1999 following a stint from Italy’s financial police and also the information section of the Italian premier’s office. He was appointed manager of Vatican security providers in 2006.

Giani stated he was departing in a challenging time, but had been excited about spending more time with his spouse and two kids.

This story has been adjusted to show the spelling of their chief’s surname into Giani, maybe not Giano.