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Portugal votes during general election

Polls opened on Sunday early in Portugal’s general election. The existing Socialist PM, Antonio Costa, is operating for re-election.

Costa, 58, formerly the mayor of Lisbon, is your race’s favorite. When he wins another word, his success will affirm Portugal’s standing among the rare European nations in which Socialists are thriving and where the far-right is not climbing.

Latest polls, released Friday, revealed Costa’s Socialist Party in 36 to 39 percent, much before their center-right Social Democratic Party in 25 to 30 percent.

Such an outcome, if supported, would reestablish the Socialists’ grip on the Portuguese Parliament, which counts 230 chairs, but would not provide them a complete majority.

Costa would then must make a coalition, likely with the left-wing Left Bloc, the Communist Party, or even the smaller celebration People-Animals-Nature.

Exit surveys will be printed at 20:00 CEST.