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Portugal – why is Europe’s prodigious bike manufacturer slow to ride them?

Portugal has ridden on top as the greatest producer of bikes one of the European Union’s member countries.

The nation produced almost 2.7 million bicycles this past year, overtaking Italy that has been pioneers in 2018.

Even though the majority of these Portuguese-produced bicycles are still being exported to other European nations, green initiatives in just two of Portugal’s most important cities wish to encourage visitors to wear a helmet and get biking.

1.2 million of those bicycles in the 2019 total were created from the business RTE. They’ve Europe’s biggest bicycle assembly plant in Vila Nova de Gaia in northern Portugal.

RTE Executive Director Bruno Salgado admits that there is still a step-change in the mindset that needs to occur regarding bicycle usage from the Portuguese mindset:

“The bike in Portugal remains a product quite correlated with sport and leisure – and hardly any with daily transportation and with encouraging our everyday lives”
Automobiles are still top concerning transportation systems — they accounted for nearly 60% percent of traveling in the funds and 68% in Porto, based on Eurostat.

“We do not have sufficient infrastructure and you will find a lack of bicycle paths in addition to areas to park bicycles safely.

“Average auto speeds are also rather significant. Sometimes there is not much respect from drivers either. They are simply not utilized to seeing bicycles.”

However, Marcos says that his firm is working to change this:

“We have been advising some city halls and we have been speaking to numerous city councils, to attempt to bring up these problems and talk about cycle route strategies and actions with colleges”.

There are indications though that the nation is moving in the ideal path: Porto should complete the city’s earliest cycling network before the close of the year and it’ll be over 50 kilometers long.

Lisbon meanwhile must have 200 kilometers of bicycle route at the end of 2021.