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Portugal’s immigration chief resigns Weeks Following Ukrainian Guy dies at Lisbon airport

The mind of Portugal’s immigration agency has resigned after weeks of backlash, after the passing of a Ukrainian guy at Lisbon airport.

The 40-year-old guy, Ihor Homeniuk, had attempted to enter Portugal with no legal visa last March and has been arrested by immigration authorities after refusing to board a flight from the nation.

Two days after he was discovered dead in his holding cell.

Opposition PSD lawmaker Ricardo Leite stated on Twitter her resignation had been”the only potential action”.

Last month, Gates reported that investigations had discovered that Ihor Homeniuk’s treatment in the airport had contributed to his passing.

“I am pretty sure what we’re taking a look at is an instance of torture,” she informed public broadcaster RTP.

Back in September, Portugal’s public prosecutor charged three immigration officers together with the guy’s manslaughter, accusing them of attacking him with a baton when he became”agitated” over his detention.

The government says it intends to redefine the nation’s border support and install panic buttons in the airport carrying cells.

Human rights activists have said that these steps are an insufficient reaction to the event.

“The panic button’… doesn’t cure an issue, on the contrary, it’s a basic method of admitting it is,” the non-profit organization Individuals Before Borders (HuBB) stated.

“[It] creates an ineffective and black escape, which doesn’t honor the dignity of people who might be made to press on it, placing a band-aid to a structural issue.”

HuBB has accused boundary police of a”cover-up” of their Homeniuk’s departure and states there’s a”structural problem” at SEF.