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Prague mayor: Russia denies plan to assassinate Zdenek Hrib

Russia has denied allegations it’s behind a plot to assassinate Prague mayor Zdenek Hrib.

It is alleged that a Russian representative was sent to Prague to poison the mayor using ricin, an extremely potent poison. Respekt magazine states the plot was discovered by Czech intelligence agencies, who’ve since placed Hrib under improved security.

Euronews Moscow correspondent Galina Polonskaya claims the Kremlin has denied the story.

“At this time the connections between the Kremlin and Prague are extremely stressed,” she explained.

Back in February, a Prague square facing the Russian Embassy was renamed afterward murdered Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, together with Hrib unveiling the new nameplate.

The Russian Embassy is currently needing to utilize its consulate speech on all its trademark, to prevent using the new name of this square.

Prague has also eliminated the statue of a Russian World War II army leader, Marshall Ivan Konev, by the town’s streets.

Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has predicted the elimination of the statue”a crime”.