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President Donald Trump faces impeachment probe call to Ukraine leader

The research centers on if Trump abused his presidential powers and sought aid from a foreign government for his reelection. Pelosi said such activities would indicate a”betrayal of his oath of office” and announced: “nobody is above the law”

The charge has been led by numerous moderate Democratic lawmakers from governmental swing districts, so many of these with national safety backgrounds and functioning in Congress for the first time.

After over two and twenty-five years of sharp Democratic criticism of Trump, the proper impeachment pursuit sets up the party’s most barbarous and consequential confrontation having a president that thrives on battle — and also injects deep instability in the 2020 White House race. Trump has but dared Democrats to take this measure, convinced that the specter of impeachment led from the opposition party would reinforce his political support

Trump, who had been meeting with world leaders in the United Nations, previewed his shield within an all-caps discussion: “PRESIDENTIAL HARRASSMENT!”

Pelosi had hardly finished speaking because he started a mini-blizzard of tweets assailing her statement.

At issue are Trump’s activities with Ukraine. At a summer phone call with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, he’s thought to have asked for assistance exploring Democrat Joe Biden and his son Hunter. In the days before the telephone, Trump ordered advisers to suspend $400 million in military aid for Ukraine — prompting speculation he had been holding out the cash as leverage for advice about the Bidens. Trump has denied that charge, but confessed he blocked the capital.

Ahead of Pelosi’s statement, Trump approved the launch of a transcript of his phone using Ukraine’s president, forecasting it would demonstrate no signs of wrongdoing.

“You may see it was a really friendly and completely appropriate telephone,” Trump said.