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Pro-democracy demonstrators at Hong Kong Indicate six months of protests

Pro-democracy protesters took to the roads once more in Hong Kong, marking six months since the unprecedented movement started against a contentious extradition bill.

The organizers said 800,000 people protested while authorities said it had been 183,000.

The protest movement was effective in getting the authorities to scrap laws which could have enabled Hong Kongers to be extradited to mainland China. However, protesters have enlarged their needs to add an investigation into police brutality, putting protesters free, and universal suffrage.

Impressive pictures and video of the parade showed what seemed to be thousands of people marching through the middle of China’s special administrative area.

It comes only weeks after a local election caused a growth in pro-democracy candidates.

The deadline comes days before Human Rights Day, recognized by the United Nations on December 10.

The team emphasized the subject of the year’s human rights is”youth stand up for individual rights”.

“As a part of the global human rights regime, the Hong Kong government has the responsibility to stop and prevent human rights violations, such as torture, inhuman and cruel treatment by law enforcement agency in addition to limitations on freedom of meeting,” the march organizers submitted on social networking.

This was the first march to be justified by authorities in weeks, though authorities stated later in the afternoon a second”public assembly” in the march’s ending point wouldn’t be authorized.

Police warned they would take”necessary actions” if protesters failed their schooling.

An arrest hotline was set up from the demonstration group to assist people taken into custody by authorities.