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Protesters take to the Roads Following Johnson suspends parliament

Shouting”Shame on You” and”Stop the Coup,” approximately two billion people – like resistance figures and media personalities – accumulated on the Bank of the River Thames, near the British parliament and 10 Downing Street, the home of the British pioneer.

It follows Johnson’s choice to call a Queen’s address for October 14, which means that parliament is going to be suspended from approximately September 12 likely.

MPs are on their summer recess and not due to return until September 3, leaving time for resistance figures to resist contrary to Johnson’s strategy to take the UK from the European Union with or without a bargain on October 31. It is educated from such a young age as such a fundamental matter about being a British man and now just wholly destroys that, tramples it throws it out.”

Opposition characters in attendance comprised Labour’s Diane Abbot, Shadow Home Secretary, that tweeted from outside parliament. Another Labour figure, David Lammy, tweeted: “If parliament is silenced about the biggest problem of the time we have to take to the roads.”

Talking yesterday, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn reported that Johnson’s movement to prorogue parliament has been”a constitutional outrage.” It came only days after he led meetings of resistance figures to talk about how to stop Johnson carrying the UK from the EU with no bargain.

Johnson, meanwhile, has contended that calling a Queen’s address doesn’t have anything to do with Brexit, also is a chance for him as a new prime minister – to summarize his legislative agenda for the year ahead. He’s stated that there’ll be a lot of time to debate Brexit.

It’s been noted it is typical for parliament to be suspended during the party conference season, which starts at the second week of September.