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Putin Shows plan to expand Russia’s navy with 40 new vessels

Russia will include new ships, weapons, and boats to its navy this year to show its rising strength, President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday.

He utilized a naval parade nearby St Petersburg indicating the nation’s Navy Day parties to declare that the modernization, stating Russia needed a powerful recourse to defends its interests.

“The power of our Xmas grows continuously,” he said during the service.

“This season 40 ships and boats of distinct course will enter service, and many days past six vessels to the far-sea zone have been set down in Russia’s three major shipyards.”

He also declared a selection of hypersonic weapons which are going to be set up in some regions of the navy, which he said would enhance their battle skills.

Modernizing the army is now an increasing priority for Putin lately since tensions with the West have improved over the last ten years, particularly over Russia’s annexation of Crimea and its intervention from the Syrian civil war.

The convention to celebrate Navy Day on the last Sunday of July dates back to the Soviet era in Russia. It was abolished in 1980 but reinstated by Putin 17 decades back.

Sunday’s parade in St Petersburg and the neighboring city of Kronshtadt featured 46 boats and boats and more than 4,000 troops.

It was among many festivals throughout the nation and in different areas of the world to commemorate Russia’s annual Navy Day.

Parades were held in the eastern city of Vladivostok, in Sevastopol at the annexed Crimea and the southern port town of Tartus in Syria.

Putin explained that the ceremonies aimed to”demonstrate the rising power of our Xmas.”