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Reese Witherspoon keeps getting surprise Presents from Beyonce Following their Golden Globes run-in

Last updated on January 22, 2020

Singer Beyonce Knowles has amazed celebrity Reese Witherspoon with another massive present. Witherspoon showcased her love to get Beyonce Knowles because she modeled the singer’s most up-to-date set of Ivy Park x Adidas attire in a lively new clip.

The celebrity uttered several distinct ensembles in the lineup as she introduced and fooled around before a glowing orange background, as she gushed within the surprise delivery, reports

“You mean, somebody said that a significant package is coming. I don’t understand what it is. Let’s see,” she explained in a video posted on Instagram.

Even though Witherspoon initially guessed that the giant orange bundle could hold artwork, some balloons or film posters, she started to show the complete assortment of Beyonce’s trend line.

The Legally Blonde star then proceeded to design some of the bits for lovers, finish with a tiny dance for everyone. “Does this officially make me the brand new member of this #Beyhive?” She captioned the movie, speaking to Beyonce’s fans.