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Rep. Himes accuses Republicans from any false equivalency between Trump, Biden on Ukraine

Connecticut Democratic Rep. Jim Himes Sunday accused Republicans of making a false equivalency involving accusations that President Donald Trump forced Ukraine to research a political rival and former Vice President Joe Biden’s public stance toward the same country throughout the Obama government.

“The president of the USA rough –extorting — a vulnerable nation to perform his political bidding, to move after his competitor, has nothing to do with Joe Biden executing the foreign policy of the USA,” Himes said in an exclusive interview on”Meet the Press.”

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., contended in another private interview with”Meet the Press” Sunday the fees which Trump and other leading officials threatened to withhold assistance to Ukraine to force the nation to explore Biden along with his son’s company coping there is”precisely” what the former vice president did while in office.

Paul’s debate echoed among many guards Republicans have mounted since the House prepares for people impeachment hearings starting this week.

“The American men and women want equity, and I do not think they are likely to judge citizenship when they’re accusing President Trump of exactly the identical entity Joe Biden did, threatening the help if any sort of corruption isn’t researched,” Paul explained.

“It feels like everyone, both parties, have been threatening help if some sort of investigation either does not occur or has finished.”

However, Himes contended Sunday that eliminating a contentious Ukrainian prosecutor has been a global priority, not a national political one, making the two situations distinct.

“This was foreign policy, this was European Union coverage, this was IMF coverage this prosecutor required to proceed.”

Himes said he thinks that the public will hear”new info” at those hearings since he doubts many Americans have read the complete transcripts of witness depositions which were published by the House lately.

“They will hear tremendously patriotic, superbly manicured individuals telling the story of a president that — let us forget quid-pro-quo, quid-pro-quo is just one of those matters to muddy the functions — that extorted a vulnerable nation by holding up military help,” he explained.

House Republicans are searching for Hunter Biden, the anonymous whistleblower who originally increased allegations against Trump, and others to testify,” Paul stated that Democrats must grant that petition.

“I am quite open-minded and fair-minded. You will not meet a man more honest than I am,” he explained.

“Among our customs about locating justice is the defense needs to be able to exhibit their witnesses. Therefore, if you can’t predict Hunter Biden and you can not predict the whistleblower, that is kind of a sham.”