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Report: 29 million Women, Girls victims of modern slavery

A new report estimates that 29 million girls and women are victims of modern slavery, exploited by clinics such as forced labor, forced marriage, debt-bondage, and domestic servitude.

Grace Forrest, the co-founder of this Walk Free anti-slavery firm, stated Friday that means one in every 130 girls and women is residing in contemporary slavery today, over the inhabitants of Australia.

“The truth is that there are far more people living in captivity today than any other time in history,” she advised a U.N. news conference.

Walk Free defines contemporary slavery” because the systematic elimination of an individual’s liberty, where one individual is exploited using another for financial or personal advantage,” she explained.

Forrest reported the international estimate of one in 130 women and women residing in contemporary captivity was created dependent on work by Walk Free, the International Labour Organisation, and the International Organisation for Migration, equally U.N. agencies.

“This report has revealed is that sex stacks the odds against women from conception during their lifetimes,” she explained.

According to the report, titled”Stacked Odds,” girls account for 99 percent of all victims of sexual abuse, 84 percent of victims of forced marriage, and 58 percent of victims of forced labor.

Forrest stated the face of contemporary slavery” has dramatically changed.”

“We are seeing normalized manipulation within our market in transnational distribution chains and migration paths,” she explained. “The planet’s most vulnerable individuals are pushed further into this practice of contemporary slavery due to COVID-19.”

She explained the quote of women and women in contemporary slavery is conservative since it doesn’t account for what has happened throughout the outbreak, which has witnessed”sharp gains of child and forced marriage and exploited labor states around the globe.”

Forrest said Walk Free along with also the U.N.’s Every Woman Every Child app is launching a worldwide campaign to require action to get rid of modern slavery.

It urges the removal of legalized methods of manipulation like kefala, which legally binds a migrant worker’s immigration status to an employer or host to get their contract period.

The campaign also urges transparency and responsibility for multinationals.

“We all know that women and women have unprecedented levels of abuse and forced labor in supply chains of these products we purchase and use each day — clothes, java, tech,” Forest said.