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Rescue operation underway since 270 whales stranded on Australian Shore

A rescue operation was underway on Tuesday to save a pod of pilot whales stranded on sandbars off Australia’s southern island of Tasmania state.

Around 270 whales stranded on Monday about two sandbars near the west coast town of Strahan.

Marine Conservation Program Wildlife Biologist Kris Carlyon estimated that a third of that bunny were likely to have died.

Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service director Nic Deka said maritime pros and rescuers have been trialing rescue attempts to ascertain the ideal rescue approach.

“We will be attempting to spare some whales this morning and when we are satisfied together with the methods we have settled, we will keep doing this, or even, we will adapt it and do various things to attempt to find a better outcome,” Deka informed reporters.

Carlyon stated rescuers will attempt to refloat a few whales and assess their behavior.

“This whole operation, lots of it is dependent upon how these creatures respond once they obtained water beneath them and therefore are free-floating. So, that is the very first step, catch a couple of animals off, evaluate behavior and that is going to decide where we go to from here,” he explained.

Officials said the rescue operation could take weeks to finish.