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Rescued lion Exemplifies plight of Tens of Thousands of Additional cubs

Simba is a 10-month-old lion cub who has been nursed back to health in the Save Me animal refuge in Chelyabinsk, southern Russia.

Only a couple months before, he had been near death, after being mistreated and neglected by a souvenir photographer at the Black Sea resort, Sochi.

Karen Dallakyan, head of the Save Me shelter, states he had been in a really bad condition when they rescued him”Each motion to the lion cub was painful and the pain was accompanied by covering his eyes with his paws. We had the impression he believed that someone would beat him he was shielding himself as an individual could by protecting his face and eyes.”

The Save Me team chose to save him, despite how the continuing pandemic, which intended quarantine steps and flight restrictions.

They began treating him when they discovered him and took him back to Chelyabinsk. Initially, the desired 17 shots each day.

Yulia Agaeva, a volunteer in the shelter, says there are still huge numbers of creatures in a similar place to Simba: “He’s lucky that we’ve discovered him and his potential will probably be OK. However, a massive number of unlucky lion cubs are still enduring. They’re purchased and resold, they’re not treated as animals, but as pieces of meat.

“That is the destiny of several creatures. It is a massive company, big cash. They’re selling them and possess them in dreadful conditions.”