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Researchers in Iceland fuse carbon dioxide to Stone in a bid to Fight climate change

Last updated on September 20, 2019

The impacts of this changing climate are already being felt in a number of the few-remaining organic wildernesses.

But that pure beauty is changing each year, so scientists are creating new techniques to neutralize the damaging effects of carbon dioxide.

Iceland has almost 300 termed glaciers. But one is completely gone along with that summer sailors held a funeral for this.

Last month at Greenland, relatively intense temperatures pumped so much glacier ice which it generated a river.

“It feels as though the glacier is bleeding,” says ecological researcher Sigurrós Arnardóttirsaid

However, Iceland’s scientists have produced a potential creative remedy to help fight climate change.

They’re taking carbon dioxide, the gas from the air that warms the world out of their surroundings and fusing it to benign stone.

Scientists capturing the gasoline in the atmosphere, dissolve it in water and then pump it underground where it is consumed in these stone, forever.
Why is not this happening now on a vast scale?

“Price,” states Dr. Edda Aarad Stir, project director at Carbfix. “Short-sightedness too, probably.”