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Researchers in Portugal Produce reusable mask Which’inactivates’ coronavirus

Researchers in Portugal are claiming a significant breakthrough in COVID-19 defense technologies.

They’ve made a fresh face mask using a particular coating that they state helps to”inactivate” the new coronavirus in regards to contact with the cloth.

The group says that this protective effect is still the same even after 50 washes, which makes the mask highly reusable.

The coat on the mask can decrease the infectious elements of this virus by 99 percent in 30 minutes, ” said Pedro Simas in the Institute of Molecular Medicine in Lisbon (IMM), among those virologists who worked with this layout.

Once it seems too good to be true, Simas does not think that it’s a game-changer.

He insists masks generally, together with social networking actions, would be the game-changer.

“So any obstacle which prevents these big droplets from getting to a respiratory system is extremely powerful.”

“I feel this is only another instrument, another component on a mask, which along with a physical obstacle, can now supply a chemical barrier,” he explained.

The active ingredient of those masks has been successfully analyzed by France’s Institut Pasteur de Lille from the H1N1 virus and contrary to the rotavirus, the IMM stated in a statement.

For all those concerned about the coat, the face-covering is OEKO-Tex certified, meaning that it includes no dangerous chemicals and is safe for human usage.

When it’s this mask or fundamental disposable ones, Simas expects more people will probably be convinced to pay their mouths and noses during the pandemic.

“It is so straightforward, and it is such a little sacrifice,” he explained.

“I understand that it is not comfortable, we cannot view emotions, and it is competitive, but it is an essential tool, a tiny sacrifice to save lives”