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Rise of Skywalker actor John Boyega says he Is the one Supporting script Escape:’I left it under my Mattress’

British celebrity John Boyega stated on Wednesday he left his replica of the closely-guarded script for its newest Star Wars film under his mattress, which it ended up for sale on eBay. Boyega, who performs Stormtrooper turned opposition fighter Finn at Star Wars: The growth of Skywalker, told U.S. tv series Good Morning America a cleaner had discovered the script and set it on the eBay auction website.

Director J.J. Abrams stated earlier this week that the group behind the film seen the eBay record and managed to get it back until it had been sold, meaning that the secrets from the plot remain secure. “I had been moving flats and that I left the script beneath my bed. I was like, you know everything, I will leave it under my mattress,” Boyega mentioned on Wednesday. “When I awaken in the morning I will take it and proceed, but my boys came over and you know, we began partying a bit and then the script it just stayed there.”

Hence that the man did not understand the real price,” he added. Scripts for Star Wars films are among the most closely guarded from the movie world. Many celebrities only get the areas of the script to get their particular scenes and critics don’t have to watch the movie beforehand.

Boyega explained that he didn’t understand the end of the movie, which finishes the Skywalker saga initially brought to life from the 1977 first. “I do not do not understand because we took several distinct items,” he explained. “I am curious. I believe I see the film next week for the very first time.”