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Rival protests in Dover while and migrants including refugees cross the Channel

“Refugees are welcome” heaps of protesters chanted in England’s port town of Dover on Saturday, a message meant to challenge a ferocious rally which was held hours after on the very same streets.

Those competitions are angry that increasing numbers of migrants and refugees are hitting England from France.

More than 1,450 individuals spanned the station by ship in August. The figure for this season so far is over 5,600.

It’s raised tensions between London and Paris, together with Britain’s right-wing Conservative authorities openly pressuring France to do more to block the crossings.

However, Channel Threat Commander Dan O’Mahoney, a senior official made to attack the issue, told the UK’s parliament on Thursday that France has ceased 3,000 individuals crossing this season and has been”delivering results”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s spokesman had stated on Tuesday that the growth in crossings has been”unacceptable.”

He blamed criminal gangs for harnessing the distressed and the vulnerable to cash.