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Rocket attack Strikes near US Embassy in Baghdad’s Green Zone

Residents heard the explosions followed by watchful sirens that seemed briefly across the Tigris River. This was the second such strike since May, when a rocket had been fired into the Green Zone, landing close to the sprawling U.S. Embassy compound. Such attacks are blamed on Iranian-backed militias in Baghdad; several whom desire U.S. troops stationed in Iraq to leave.

Monday’s attack comes amid increased tensions in the area following an assault on Saudi oil installations the U.S. and Britain have blamed Iran.

Additionally, there was a series of airstrikes on foundations belonging to Iran-backed militias in Iraq the armies have blamed Israel and its own U.S. ally by expansion. Israel, which often targets Iranian interests in neighbouring Syria, hasn’t confirmed its participation in the airstrikes within Iraq.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity according to regulations.

As tensions escalate between the U.S. and Iran, there were worries which Baghdad could once more get caught in the centre. Baghdad’s delicate government is allied with either side and has fought to stay neutral in the battle.

Before this season, the U.S. ordered nonessential employees from its diplomatic posts in Iraq following an alleged, unexplained threat from Iran.