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Roger Federer’s continued excellence Fantastic motivation: Pankaj Advani

He has 21 world names. And in September would not be a surprise when the tally climbs to 23.


You’ve been winning names for at least a decade.

It is about two things–winning is there but growing as an athlete is what pushes me. You look at numerous top athletes throughout the world… I suggest somebody like a Roger Federer, possibly doesn’t have to play with today since he is probably beyond his peak, but he feels that he has a shot at winning. The point is that he loves the game. It is the same for me.

Your ideas as you visit the World Championships?

There are three occasions, back-to-back. It is likely to be a very long trip; emotionally prepared for it to take all of my clothing… a couple of additional suitcases possibly…

Does the champion create more pressure?

The pressure of doing was distinct because you weren’t predicted to win. In 18-19, once I began competing in international tournaments, I’d win them then the pressure started building up, if I could maintain that place, win always… Now, it’s more of demonstrating it to myself, and I think I have done a relatively great job of winning consistently. It is not about computing’ Oh, if I win I will find this much, Oh, I will shut up the critics.’ No! To begin with, we’re playing. It is all about the joy and gratification while enjoying…

There is also the billiards match in Melbourne and world snooker in Antalya. Does such a tight program require a toll on mind and body?

And suddenly there is just like a lot of global events piled up. I am utilized to it today… mainly because I play with billiards and snooker. I believe that is the greatest challenge for me personally –to juggle between two sport and also specialize in equally. A whole lot of individuals ask me, what’s your biggest accomplishment?

Does it damage to this cue sports is lost?

It is true it’s the greatest in sport, but each game has a high contest. For us, it is the World Championships. As gamers, we could do nothing about not being a part of the Olympics. That is something that the sports ministry should look at. True, we have not won a lot of awards at the Olympics. However, it is not just about baize sports. There are a whole lot of areas which aren’t there from the Olympics but deserve equal reinforcement. When we speak about equality in athletics, this is expected to be addressed also.

Just how long do you feel you can or need to continue?

Some players perform until 45-50 and figure out how to play well also. I am only going to stay around as long as I like the game.

Do you believe that your heritage would be contested?

Well, records are supposed to be broken up. Now, however, I’ve 21. You could say it may not be broken fast, but at the subsequent 50 decades or so… Who knows?