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Romania votes during local elections as a prelude to General Election

Polls opened on Sunday from Romania’s local elections, which are being seen as a sign of how an impending General Election in December could unfold for the nation’s minority government, now led by the National Liberal Party.

Some 19 million registered Republicans across Romania are picking local officials, council presidents, and mayors to fulfill over 43,000 places across the EU member nation.

The closely-watched race will probably be for another mayor of the capital, Bucharest, a race involving the National Liberal Party challenger Nicusor Dan and Social Democrats’ incumbent Gabriela Firea.

Other candidates include former Romanian president Traian Băsescu and former Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu, currently the leader of the Alliance of Democrats and Liberals (ALDE).

The election is expected to show the potency of this NLP that has led the authorities because the Social Democratic Party (PSD) dropped from power last year.

This followed allegations of corruption emphasized by a couple of decades of anti-corruption protests, although the PSD stay the largest parliamentary party.

Romania has observed COVID-19 disease rates grow rapidly considering lifting a rigorous lockdown earlier this season. The PSD has blamed the NLP minority government, asserting they’ve mismanaged the catastrophe.