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Rules from 1993 waived because Margaret Atwood, Bernardine Evaristo get 2019 Booker Prize for Fiction

They’ll discuss the #50,000 prize money.

Passing up the decoration was that the 1981 winner Salman Rushdie, who had been nominated because of his new publication,’ Quichotte’.

Judges of the decoration clarified Atwood’s novel as”a savage and gorgeous publication that speaks to us now with certainty and power. The pub is set remarkably high for Atwood. She awakens.” Evaristo’s book was called a”must-read about contemporary Britain and womanhood”.

From the area now we spoke for five hours of books we adore. Two books we can’t compromise on. Both of them are phenomenal books that will delight readers and will resonate for ages .”

Gaby Wood of this Booker Prize Foundation included: “Within an agonising five hours, the judges spoke each one the much-loved novels in their own shortlist, also found it impossible to single out one winner. They weren’t so much split as reluctant to jettison any more when they eventually got down to 2, and asked when they may divide the prize between them”.

“On being advised that it had been against the principles, the judges held a further discussion and opted to flout them. They left the judging room joyful and happy, their twin winners gesturing towards the six they’d have desired, was possible to divide the prize any farther.”