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Russia accused of’rewriting history’ to Warrant occupation of Baltic states

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and the United States have accused Russia of trying to”rewrite history” to justify the annexation of the Baltic nations in 1940.

Estonia summoned Russia’s ambassador on Thursday to denounce”a collection of bogus posts” printed on official social networking accounts.

“Russia is attempting to provide the impression that validity can be born in the danger of a weapon, repression by mutual arrangement – that is very skeptical,” said Estonian foreign minister Urmas Reinsalu.

The combined announcement marks the 80th anniversary of this Welles Declaration, where the US outlined its”non-recognition coverage” of the Soviet occupation of the Baltic nations.

The brief record accused the USSR of”devious” and”predatory” activities contrary to their younger neighbors.

The arrangement carved Europe to”spheres of influence”, assigning the Baltic countries to the USSR.

Russia has since indicated the annexation” wasn’t unilateral… but has been completed by mutual arrangement”.

They’ve accused”Baltic elites” of intentionally misrepresenting the truth to progress an anti-Russian program.

In a recent post, Russian President Vladimir Putin reported that the Soviets had behaved” with the permission of the elected government”.

Thursday’s statement reaffirmed the value of transatlantic ties and America’s resistance to Russian activities in Ukraine.

“The essentials of this Welles Declaration were invoked on July 25, 2018, when the United States affirmed its refusal to take the attempted annexation of Crimea from the Russian Federation.”

The EU has condemned Russia for trying”to distort history” through the Second World War.

Back in December, President Putin had proposed Poland’s shared obligation with Nazi Germany, a claim made by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki as”historic lies”.

Poland was also affirmed from the dispute by Lithuania’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Linas Linkevičius.

“We won’t let the Kremlin control history so readily and spread lies,” Linkevičius stated after meeting his Polish counterpart in January.